Wholesale inquiries from resellers are welcome; kindly email us with your business particulars including Sales Tax account number. You may also give us a call at (415) 383-3978.

Any of the images on this site may be used to help describe what you're looking for, or you may send us an image of your own. Please state whether you are looking for strings of pearls, or for loose pearls with no hole or half drilled. In addition to shape, size and color, and quantity, a price range or limit is helpful.

We'll get back to you with what we believe comes closest to your wishes, and quote you net wholesale prices.

We serve jewelry manufacturers and designers, as well as jewelers and pearl resellers, concentrating on the most remarkable and attractive items at widely varying price points.  Our retail shop items are priced are at a level that will not undercut you if you use a keystone markup.

Nearly all our wholesale quotations have dual pick/lot pricing, i.e. you may pick only the items you want at one price per unit, or purchase the entire lot as a bundle, at a lower per unit price.This is less about sheer volume (many lots are quite small) than about picking -- pearls vary in many ways, and lots are seldom entirely uniform.