About This Site

We are eager to show examples from the cornucopia of pearls – unusual in attractive and intriguing ways – that we import and sell in the USA. We hope to promote familiarity with the types of products we offer and the terminology (by no means universal) that we use.

All items offered in our shop are individual, and only the pearl(s) described and photographed are shipped in response to an order.

The products shown elsewhere on pacificpearls.us are also from our inventory. However, every individual item photographed may not be available. We sell them as fast as we can, and it is the nature of unusual pearl products not to be duplicated exactly. Usually, variations are available in each type, and we strive to resupply types of items that are popular with pearl lovers and jewelry designers.

Photos limited to currently in-stock items of a given type and price range can be provided from time to time by email on request. Contact us, complete the registration and let us know the type(s) of pearls of most interest to you, including preferences, quantities needed and price constraints.

Unless otherwise attributed, photos and text shown here are by Marcia Fentress and Fuji Voll. Opinions expressed are personally held by the writers, who do not speak for any company or group except Pacific Pearls. Images and excerpts may be copied and shared – please attribute to Pacific Pearls and pacificpearls.us if republishing!