Loose Pearls

Pacific Pearls offers many loose pearls for setting, individually, paired and sometimes in groups. Pearls with regular shapes like buttons and drops usually will be half drilled (hd), while Cfw keshi, irregular shapes, and coins as well as bead nucleated loose pearls are more often left undrilled (no hole). Through drilled pearls are component parts of pearl strands; they are outside the category of  loose pearls.

We offer pairs of popular types of regular shapes, and whenever possible of irregular shapes that are hard to match well. Sometimes we offer groups of well-matched pearls for larger paired pieces. The most economical and practical choice for a volume manufacturing project may not be loose pearls. Many of our customers use strands of pearls, when they can either utilize or cover the holes drilled through them. Not only does purchasing strands save considerable cost, but much larger quantities of more-or-less matched pearls are usually available in a hank of strands than in our loose pearl lots. For jewelry meant to be unique, where repeatability is not on the list of requirements, we offer loose pearls covering a very wide range. 


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