Other Resources

Until recently, there were few useful and comprehensive resources available to the serious student of pearls. The English translation of Elisabeth Strack‘s incomparable “Pearls” (published by RDV in Hamburg, Germany) has been completed, and fills this gap admirably. It is a carefully researched compilation rich in detail and evaluated for accuracy, far wider in scope than all previously published books. It needs to be, since the field has grown so much wider in recent years.

Fred and Charlotte Ward drew the ire of the cultured pearl establishment in the 1980s with an article on pearls in National Geographic, which mentioned the prevalence of color treatments. Full of Fred’s admirable photos, it has become a small book in the Fred Ward Gem Series (published by Gem Book Publishers, Malibu, CA). Many of our customers have enjoyed this brief and elegant introduction to major cultured pearl categories, and we recommend it for those who do not want a heavy tome.

We are honored by the inclusion of our small contributions in these books. Both are available from GIA’s book store.